Dormitory Business

Dormitory Business for Less

Attn: Filipino Professionals/Entrepreneurs Where can you invest to get: P25-30k monthly Residual Income approx. 10% Value Appreciation Millions worth of Business Funding Lifetime Source of Income Will NOT run out of Market/Demand Hassle Free Investing  Affordable. Starts at 40aed/day Answer: Dormitory Business for Less Why? 1. You will NOT run out of Students, Reviewers (inc. Foreign Students) as your Primary Market 2. Strategically located walking distance from 25+ Colleges & Universities 3. High Value, Inheritable, Self Liquidating Assets 4. Professionally Managed for your convenience 5. Take advantage of the Philippines’ Growing Economy Bonus: Free learning about Personal Finance, Wealth Management, Business & Investments. Partner with Manny Villar. One of the country’s self-made Billionaire Business Tycoon. Register here: SMS/WhatsApp: Jerick 056-1768862

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The Alaskan Adventure

Dubai based writer, release his book about “The Alaskan Adventure Series”

John Weston a Dubai based writer, his work is heavily influenced by his love of the outdoors and all things natural. Wild landscapes are illustrated through dramatic and vivid descriptions, whilst his characters take a form of their own as the reader is whisked away into the very root of their minds. At the very forefront of John’s writing is the desire to take the reader away into another world; into a world he has crafted, with the characters he has developed and into stories that are there to be told. This are the digital books he created and currently available in Amazon Kindle. Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun. Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun is a story of discovery, love, and hope, set in Alaska in the early 1900’s. When Sonny leaves his family home on a lake in the mountains of Alaska for the first time in[…]

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