How to make money with Photoshop and PNG or render file.


First of all, I will share how I’m able to make $1,500+ in just three months (and still earning) using Photoshop and .png or render file.

displate earning
Fig#1 – Proof of earning

If you’re a person with knowledge to use Photoshop, then you’re in the right place to learn how you can earn money from it.

This method is not to hack or instant money; I will teach you and give you some materials you can use to produce lots of artwork you can sell on this website which I will introduce to you.

What I found is a website that sells poster made in metal, and they gave high commission up to 10 to 20% on their artist, unlike other websites. This website called Https://displate.com

Displate – is a manufacturer specialising in creating exceptional metal posters and a platform gathering talented artists from all over the world, and I’m Gab Fernando one of their proud Artist.

Most of my work is focused on anime, video games and action movies manipulation as I found this 3 type is the most sellable items in their platform. If you’re asking about my work, you can visit my gallery @ https://displate.com/fando01/.

Now let’s talk about how you can properly submit your artwork. There are four things you should always remember.

  1. Image Resolution should be at least 300 DPI
  2. Minimum dimension 4060 X 2900 pixel
  3. No logo or watermark
  4. You own the art or rights of the photo

For a complete list, you can visit Displate “upload preparation” @ https://displate.com/about-preparation

If you’re looking for a photo, .png or render file which is free to download and manipulate to make an artwork, this two website I always use.

  • https://unsplash.com (you can do whatever you want to the photo on this website)
  • https://devianart.com (you can download some .png or render file here for free, but some are not allowed or for sale)
  • Of course, you can buy or create your own from scratch.

Now let’s talk, How I sold lots of my Displate? That’s my secret, but That’s, I’m going to reveal here.

My answer is quality, quantity and time.

  • Quality – I make sure all my Displate will follow each requirement Displate was asking and of course I only upload an art which I thought people would going to have interest and they going to buy it.
  • Quantity – This my secret comes, the more you upload, the more chance you can sell and every week I manage to upload up to 20 Displate (20 is the max you can upload per week in Displate), imagine how you can create 20 high-quality Displate in just a week? My answer I used Photoshop Action.
    • Photoshop Action – is a feature in photoshop where you create a set of procedures that can be reused over and over to edit an image in a particular way.
    • There a lot of Photoshop action out there you can buy at the certain price, but I will give you some on my PA for free (as part of this method) which I already bought from the graphicriver from user, SevenStyle.

Download FREE PA (watercolor effect) @ https://goo.gl/LeU44B

  • Time – Of course even you going use PA to make lots of Displate, you still need to allocate at least 1 to 3 hours a week to make up to 20 Displate. 1 to 3 hours is much much shorter if you are going to create an Displate art without PA, Trust me!

Hope you find this blog interested and don’t forget to share it.

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